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Community Venues


The nonaggression subreddit is available for sharing and discussing materials relevant to NAP theory, practical application of the NAP, and other matters of particular interest to nappers.


Anyone with an interest in the Non-Aggression Principle, whether in more fully understanding how people reason about it and apply it, in debating its consequences and proper application, or in simply enjoying the company of like-minded adherents to some form of the Non-Aggression Principle, are welcome to join us in the NAP IRC channel. Most IRC clients accept these commands to get you there:

/join #nap

The rules of conduct for the channel are simple.

Be Rational
Do Not Be Counterproductive
Be Non-Aggressive
Be A Good Neighbor

In short, you should not violate the NAP, you should not engage in fallacious argumentation or malevolent trolling (the latter of which is arguably a NAP violation), and you should generally behave with consideration for the time and values of others as channel residents -- which includes respecting the reason the channel exists. To violate these rules is punishable by corrective action by a channel operator, including ejection from the channel ("kickban").

The purpose of this channel is essentially to provide a welcoming, intellectually stimulating, and informative venue for discussion for NAP adherents. Sometimes, this involves challenges to the complacency of nappers from people who disagree with NAP-related ethical and political philosophy, but only when such challenges are earnest and thoughtful. Because the channel is primarily for the purpose of a NAP-friendly community, application of the rules will tend to be more lenient toward honest nappers than those who are not nappers. To some degree, the determination of who qualifies must depend upon the individual judgment of moderators. Rational, well-reasoned arguments may find traction with moderators; invective and accusation without rational, well-reasoned arguments will not, including the abuse of trigger words like "anarchy" and "aggression", or fallacious appeals to overly simplistic, trollish interpretations of terms like "freedom of speech".

The tendency toward leniency when dealing with honest nappers is not absolute. If you are a napper at heart but do severe damage to the signal:noise ratio to the point that other, more contributing community members may feel displaced, leniency evaporates quickly. While off-topic, "unproductive" discussion, or even unproductive debate, may be tolerated or even welcomed at times (especially among friendly nappers), when being unproductive slides into being counter-productive moderation will become more strict.

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